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Market Opportunity

Facilitating the Migration of Common Interventions to Outpatient & Ambulatory Settings 

VUZE is aiming to provide an improved standard of care for guiding spinal interventions that are performed manually on short segments and currently assisted only by 2D X-Ray. Such procedures still account for the majority of the market. 

The enduring prevalence of X-Ray guidance is due to its simplicity, affordability and tool neutrality. But X-Ray provides only top and side 2D views. The views needed most during tool insertion, namely vertebral cross-sections, are unavailable. Adding them within the existing workflow is called for. That need is now met by VUZE. 

pedicle screws VUZE.png

For Safe Insertions,

Cross-Sectional View is Best

But Under X-Ray, Only Top & Side

2D Views are Available

VUZE is a much needed software-based complement to existing hardware-based navigation systems. Those elaborate and expensive setups require on-tool and on-spine location sensors, a location tracking device, typically an in-OR CT and often a robot. They are used primarily for complex surgeries at large medical centers and thus address only a limited (and yet intensely competitive) market segment.


Demand for VUZE is foreseen to accelerate in the aftermath of COVID-19, due to: [i] mounting pressures to reduce capital expenditures and contain operating costs; and [ii] greater avoidance of hospitalization by opting for minimally-invasive surgery in outpatient/ambulatory settings where reliance upon X-Ray guidance is high. 

Vuze Medical


* Configurable by software with VUZE

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