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Market Opportunity

Facilitating the Migration of Common Interventions to Outpatient & Ambulatory Settings 

pedicle screws VUZE.png

For Safe Insertions,

Cross-Sectional View is Best

But Under X-Ray, Only Top & Side

2D Views are Available

VUZE is aiming to provide an improved standard of care for guiding millions of spinal interventions that are performed manually on short segments and currently assisted only by 2D X-Ray. Such procedures still account for the majority of the market. 

The enduring prevalence of X-Ray guidance is due to its simplicity, affordability and tool neutrality. But X-Ray provides only top and side 2D views. The views needed most during tool insertion, namely vertebral cross-sections, are unavailable. Adding them within the existing workflow is called for. That need is now met by VUZE. 


VUZE is a much needed software-based complement to existing hardware-based navigation systems. Those all employ elaborate hardware (camera arrays, on-tool markers, on-body references, often an in-OR CT) for navigating on a 3D scan. All necessitate modified surgical tools, cumbersome preparations and a restrictive workflow. Despite being available for decades, they are still applied mainly to complex inpatient surgeries that account for a minority of the market. In contrast, VUZE requires only a standard 2D X-ray and an off-the-shelf PC and works with unmodified surgical tools.


* Configurable by software with VUZE

Demand for VUZE is foreseen to accelerate due to mounting pressures to reduce capital expenditures and contain operating costs, as well as the desired migration to outpatient/ambulatory settings where reliance upon X-Ray guidance is particularly high.

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