About Us

VUZE Medical was incorporated in 2017 in Israel and is financed privately. Milestones so far include high accuracy and speed on an anatomical model (2018) and in cadaver surgeries (2019-2020), a first US Patent (2020), interoperability with X-Ray C-Arms from multiple vendors (2021), first European and Asian patents (2021), an FDA 510(k) submission (2021), successful first-in-human surgeries (late 2021) and FDA 510(k) clearance (early 2022).



Extensive Experience and a Strong Track Record

A veteran team brings strong domain expertise in adding computer guidance to common manual interventions. Our two prior endeavors have each become a Standard of Care in its respective field: superDimesnion (now Medtronic) in bronchoscopies with 1,000 installations worldwide, and SyncVision (now Philips) in coronary catheterizations with 2,000 installations worldwide.


Left to right:
Sasha Steinberg (algorithms)
Sigi Elazar (UI & UX)
Rivay Mor (algorithms)
Koby Zakaeim (site management)
Neta Stern (software)
Yoav Stein (software)
Levona Schriger (testing & support)
Asaf Omer (QA & RA) 
Ran Cohen (CTO)
David Tolkowsky (CEO)