About Us

VUZE Medical was incorporated in 2017 in Israel and is financed privately. Milestones include high accuracy and speed on an anatomical model (2018) and in cadaver surgeries (2019-2020), a first issued US Patent (2020), an FDA 510(k) submission (2021) and initial clinical validation (due in 2021).



Extensive Experience and a Strong Track Record

A veteran team brings strong domain expertise in adding computer guidance to common manual interventions. Our two prior endeavors have each become a Standard of Care in its respective field: superDimesnion (now Medtronic) in bronchoscopies with 1,000 installations worldwide, and SyncVision (now Philips) in coronary catheterizations with 2,000 installations worldwide.


Left to right:
Sasha Steinberg (algorithms)
Sigi Elazar (UI & UX)
Rivay Mor (algorithms)
Koby Zakaeim (testing & support)
Yoav Stein (software)
Asaf Omer (QA & RA) 
Ran Cohen (CTO)
David Tolkowsky (CEO)