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Simulated Radiation-Free Views  

During C-Arm rotation, a real-time sequence of simulated 2D views is displayed continuously. Those are generated by VUZE from pre-operative CT and correspond to current C-Arm angles. Acquiring an actual X-Ray image may then be deferred until a desired simulated view has been reached.

Single-Position Lateral Interbody Fusion

With VUZE, pedicle screws may be inserted dorsally while the subject is positioned on its side. Generally-AP X-Ray images are acquired only for initial tool positioning. Guided insertion and deployment then follow using only lateral images, aiming for a much improved surgical workflow.

Concurrent Guided Insertions

With VUZE, guided insertions may be performed into the left and right pedicles concurrently and using only generally-AP images. And similarly, for same-side insertions into adjacent vertebrae. As a result, savings are anticipated in total procedure time as well as the number of X-Ray images acquired.

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