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Real-Time Image Processing Overlays Tools from Intra-Op X-Rays on Axial & Sagittal Views from Standard Pre-Op CT; No Cameras, Markers, References or Tool Modifications

Software-Based Guidance & Verification for Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery; OR Requires Only a 2D C-Arm and a PC

At a Glance




Group 954.png

Facilitates a Migration to Outpatient & Ambulatory Settings 

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Avoids Any Location Sensors, Reference Arrays, Cameras, etc.

Group 959.png

Requires No Hardware Beyond an On-Cart Off-the-Shelf PC

Group 962.png

Enables a Simple Workflow with Only Top-View (=AP) X-Rays

Group 958.png

Relies on Standard 2D Imaging that Already Exists in the OR

Group 981.png

Awarded with 510(k)

Clearance by the U.S. FDA 

Group 978.png

Works with Standard Tools with No Modifications or Add-Ons

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Protected by Issued Patents in the U.S., Europe and Asia 

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