Adding the Online Images that Surgeons Need Most


VUZE aims to upgrade common X-Ray guidance by relieving its main “pain points”, namely accuracy and radiation. At the same time, the simplicity, affordability and tool neutrality of current X-Ray guidance are all maintained. (In the case of VUZE, tool neutrality is fully configurable via software.) 

The VUZE ™ system gives spine surgeons the images they need most and currently do not have. It displays critical cross-sectional views that are currently unavailable during surgery. It overlays, automatically and online, the positions and trajectories of surgical tools seen in standard in-surgery 2D X-Ray images onto path-directed cross-sections generated from a standard pre-surgery 3D scan. 


1|   Objective

Safe tool insertions into a vertebra, the best view is a cross-section


2|   Before Surgery

Standard 3D CT scan, incl. cross-sections, for diagnosis and planning


3|   In Surgery

Tool insertion into a vertebra


4|   Today:
What the Surgeon Sees 

Tool in 2D X-Ray image

(no cross-sections)


5|   With VUZE:
What the Surgeon Sees 

Tool and trajectory are detected in X-Ray image and placed on a matching CT cross-section


No Side Views Required

Gaining some 3D-like perception during X-Ray guided surgery typically requires rotating the 2D X-Ray device between top-down and side views. But with VUZE, due to the online fusion of the in-surgery X-Rays with the pre-surgery 3D CT scan, only top-down X-Rays are necessary. 


Only Top-Down X-Ray Views are Needed, No Side Views Required


The VUZE System

VUZE employs a proprietary and patented software technology, Dynamic Online Image Fusion ™. The only hardware added in the OR is an on-cart, off-the-shelf PC. An FDA 510(k) submission is currently pending.


Current focus is on spinal stabilization via implants or cement injections, with three million applicable surgeries annually. Other spinal (e.g., decompressions, endoscopeis, injections) and skeletal interventions are expected to follow. Overall, the Total Available Market (TAM) for VUZE is estimated at several tens of millions of interventions annually.