Market Positioning

Targeting the “Neglected Majority” 

The near-term focus of VUZE is on spinal stabilization by implants or cement injections, with three million applicable surgeries annually. Other spinal (e.g., decompressions, endoscopies, injections) and skeletal interventions are expected to follow. Overall, the Total Available Market (TAM) for VUZE is foreseen at several tens of millions of interventions annually.

VUZE does not aim to compete with hardware-based navigation and robotic systems. Those are used primarily in complex surgeries performed at large medical centers and thus address only a limited (and yet intensely competitive) market segment.

Rather, VUZE will aim to upgrade manual, X-Ray guided surgeries performed on short spinal segments, which account for the majority of the market. Adding VUZE requires no replacement or modification of current equipment, which is expected to facilitate user acceptance.

Furthermore, demand for VUZE is foreseen to accelerate in the aftermath of COVID-19, due to: [i] mounting pressures to reduce capital expenditures and contain operating costs; and [ii] greater avoidance of hospitalization by opting for minimally-invasive surgery in outpatient/ambulatory settings (where reliance upon X-Ray guidance is particularly high).

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